Centrepieces, Fruit Bowls, Bowls

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Although ceramic art was created to make pottery of common use, the ceramists of the past did not take long to recognize its true value: the ability to embellish the environment that surrounds it!

Over the centuries, Faenza majolica has acquired more and more value precisely for its ornamental ability, being rich in colors and being able to choose from a vast range of decorations inherited from the masters of Faenza from the past.

In this category we offer a selection of bowls, centerpieces and fruit bowls, practical objects as well as ornamental items for both classic and modern environments.

The decorations are the traditional ones of Faenza majolica: Persian Palmette, Pavona (peahen), Melograno (pomegranate), Garofano (carnation), etc.

Our artistic cups, with or without foot, are used as fruit bowls in the kitchen, in the living room or in the dining room, also to serve your desserts: cakes, pies, muffins, panettone …