Unique Pieces Raphaelesque.

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Decorum “At Raphaelesque” spreads in Faenza ceramics in the second half of the XIX century, when the potters of Faenza began trying decorative ideas in the heyday of the highly glazed pottery: the Renaissance. So reappear grotesques, cupids, medallions, garlands and dragons, arranged in harmonious compositions as he taught us the master Raphael painting the Vatican Loggias.

Laura Silvagni has specialized in the refined decoration “Raphaelesque”, which requires a particular skill not only in the composition of the decorative motifs, but especially in their execution in brush tip. It is not just the decoration of the object, but the real pottery painting: the color is applied layer by layer, with a focus on light and shade, until you get a homogeneous result, similar to the oil painting.

Over the years, Laura looked for new solutions with respect to classicism, making unique her decorative style.

The Raphaelesque style wall plates are all unique pieces. The brims of these ornamental plates are designed by our workshop to adapt to the shape and size of the plate. In painting them we always choose a different landscape or scene. The sources of inspiration are the landscape masters, the French painters of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and the Flemish painters.