Boxes for biscuits, candies or jewelry

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Since ancient times the ceramist artisans have been producing boxes, jewelry boxes and biscuits boxes for everyday use, variously decorated according to their intended use.

On the path of this centuries-old tradition, La Vecchia Faenza makes boxes for cookies, candies or chocolates, but also jewelry boxes finely decorated by hand in the traditional Faenza majolica styles.

The most used decors are “A Pavona” (peahen), distinguished by the vivacity of its yellow, orange and verdigris colors, the Persian Palmette, where blue is predominant, and the Garofano (carnation), an oriental style created by the ceramists of Faenza in the 18th century.

These objects are also original and useful gifts for weddings, anniversaries and happy events, some also lend themselves as party favors.