Plates "Amor Regnat".

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A decoration conceived for wedding gifts and anniversaries

The idea of ​​dishes with decoration “Amor Regnat” was born in the 80s when a restaurateur from Faenza asked us for a pottery to pay homage to the couples who had a wedding dinner in his restaurant. On that occasion we studied these two traditional stylized portraits, to which a ribbon was added where it is possible to write anything. Immediately we thought of the inscription “Amor Regnat”, auspiciousness for the newlyweds. Over time we have reproduced many other times on order, inserting in the cartouche the names of the celebrated.

The dishes have a historiated center with a couple of lovers in renaissance clothes, praise of love, with the Latin writing “Amor Regnat” inserted in a scroll. Around, in the brim, the style decoration “a Penna di Pavone” (peacock feather), with its bright colors, “lights up” the dish that seems to shine with its own light. In some cases the “Palmetta Persiana” (Persian Palm) decoration has been chosen, with celestial colors.

The “Amor Regnat” dishes are an appreciated wedding or anniversary gift, and can be personalized with the names of the spouses and the date of the wedding by placing them in the cartouche and / or in the back of the plate along with a dedication or a thought. Contact us to order a personalized plate.