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Hand painted majolica panel depicting Saint Anthony the Abbot (or “the Great”) surrounded by animals and fire, in the background a view of the countryside.

The figure of St. Anthony presents elements of classical iconography: the monastic habit, the pilgrim’s staff with the cross-shaped end and the bell of the antonians, the holy scriptures under the arm, surrounded by farm animals (the pig, the ox and the horse) because St. Anthony is the protector of animals, and the fire, as a saint invoked for the protection from the fire of St. Anthony.  The Catholic and Lutheran Church celebrate the feast of Saint Anthony the Abbot on 17 January.

Traditionally, icons of Saint Anthony are hung in stables and farmyards, but also in the offices of all those professions that use fire, such as pizza makers, bakers, firemen … potters!

This majolica depicting Saint Anthony is suitable for outdoor billposting.

Dimensions: 25 cm width x 34 cm height, thickness 2.5 cm.

(The white spots on the majolica are due to the reflection effect of the photograph)

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