Impagliata 22 cm Melograno

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Impagliata made up of 4 pieces – saucer, cup, egg cup and lid – hand decorated in the style of Melograno of Faenza.

The name “Impagliata” (straw bed) is due to the straw bed on which the peasant women took part, so the cup offered to the mother immediately after childbirth was also called “straw bed”. In renaissance Italy the fashion of Impagliata stuffed, pieces in finely decorated majolica with scenes suggestive of motherhood, allegories and floral motifs, made especially for the moment of childbirth. Often the Impagliata was made up of several decomposable parts – a cup, a plate, a bowl and a salt shaker – which, stacked, appeared as a single piece.

It is in the wake of this tradition that we created this Impagliata painted in Melograno (Pomegranate), a decoration that symbolizes the renewal of life and therefore recalls the theme of motherhood. Ideal as a gift for the birth of a child, with the possibility of personalizing the object with name, date, greeting phrase, dedication, etc.

Dimensions of the Melograno Impagliata: total height 22 cm, maximum width 21 cm.

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