Plate ø 35 cm with astorre

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Ornamental plate with 2 astorre entwined in the center, hand decorated in “Pavona” style according to the Faenza majolica tradition.

The figures of the astorre were reinterpreted by a 15th century vase belonging to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. According to the traditional symbolism, the representation of animals with interwoven bodies symbolizes the growth, the continuity of life, the flow of divine energy in the forms.

The “Pavona” decoration on the edge is characterized by bright colors, the leaves curled around the peacock feather and the pyramidal flame. The symbolism of Pavona is very similar to that of the astorre and makes this dish an ideal gift for happy recurrences, such as weddings and anniversaries.

Dimensions: 35 cm in diameter, 4.5 cm in height.

Prepared for wall hanging.

(The white spots on the majolica are due to the reflection effect of the photograph)


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