Vase 40 cm painted with flowers

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Prestigious artistic ceramic vase from Faenza hand painted with “Flemish flowers” decoration, inspired by the famous Flemish paintings where each flower is represented in the descriptive details of the botanical tables, without taking into account the flowering period.

The vase has an elongated shape and is equipped with a lid, also decorated. The surface is entirely covered with small brightly colored flowers.

The decorative technique on majolica involves the plumbing with small brushes and the application of the mineral color that in vitrified firing, making the surface shiny. The blue fill color is applied to the background, again with small brushes that outline the flowers in detail.

We are available to send more photos if requested: contact us.

Dimensions of the Flemish flower vase: height at the tip of the lid 40 cm – maximum width 15 cm.

(The white glows are due to the glossy surface of the majolica reflecting the lights.)

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