Anthony the Great 26.5 cm

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Ceramic lunette rapresenting Anthony the Great also colled Anthony the Abbot, glazed and hand-painted according to traditional ceramic art of Faenza.

Anthony the Great is depicted with the monastic habit while reading the scriptures. At his feet are painted three animals and fire. In fact, it is the patron saint of domestic and livestock animals.That is why his image is traditionally placed in stables and farmyards.

The saint is also the protector of the fire: it is therefore the patron saint of bakers, firefighters, and many other categories related to the use of fire, including potters!

Anthony the Great feast is celebrated on January 17. Traditionally, the Church blesses the animals, stables and ovens, placing them under his tutelage.

Outdoor-ready: its lunette shape makes it ideal for placement in a niche.

Dimensions: height 26.5 cm, width 18.5 cm, depth 3.5 cm.

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