Apothecary jar 22 cm Cervia Salt

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Apothecary jar for Cervia salt.

The hand-made decoration sees peacocks and curled leaves, typical motifs of Faenza’s traditional ceramics. The words “Sale di Cervia” (Cervia salt) are inserted in a blue cartouche.

Dimensions: height 22 cm, maximum width 16 cm.

The sweet salt of Cervia is a prized sea salt that is still harvested today using traditional methods in the Cervia salt pan. It is called “sweet” because it lacks the bitter chlorides that, due to the climate and the type of harvest, can not settle. The natural process with which it is taken and dried allows to maintain all the organoleptic properties of the salt and its characteristic humidity, for a highly soluble salt much used by chefs not only Italians. You can buy it on the website of the Salina di Cervia as well as on site.

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