Madonna and Child 52 cm

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Hand-painted majolica panel on a biscuit plate and framed with a wood that recalls the colors of the painting.

Ceramic inspired by the Madonna and Child, St. Jerome and John the Baptist by Domenico Beccafumi

This ceramic painting is inspired by “Madonna and Child with John the Baptist and Saint Jerome” (1519 – date uncertain) by Domenico di Jacopo di Pace known as Beccafumi, Sienese painter and sculptor.

The face of the Madonna recalls serene Raphaelism, while the infant Jesus turns his gaze towards Saint Jerome, with the saint depicted in the attitude of a penitent. On the opposite side appears a young John the Baptist with an excited expression and thick curly hair.

To underline the complication of the draperies, folded up like large flower petals, and the “opposing” position of the Child Jesus, who seems to escape the grasp of his mother.

Dimensions of the Madonna and Child: the majolica measures 40 x 40 cm, with the wooden frame 52 x 52 cm and 3.5 cm thick.


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